Monday, June 22, 2009

more pictures

summer fun

This is our new golf cart that Papa got for us. We took the boys to the neighbors birthday party on it. Then we parked it in the shed at the Country Club so that Ashley can take it golfing.
Sam is a wonderful swimmer. He can hold his breath for so long that it kinda scares me. He loves to snorkle all the way across the pool. Gus is becoming such a little man with his big vocabulary and imagination. His favorite things are power rangers, and star wars. Gus is always either wearing a sock or a power ranger glove on his right hand. He knows just when to give me a hug! He is so sensitive and thoughtful. At dinner time Gus says our first blessing which is "God is great" and Sam follows with his spontaneous blessing which goes something like this... "Thank you for the world, the beautiful animals, my brothers, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, this whole world, the birds and Jesus in his Christ... Amen" Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Max at Wal-Mart

I can't believe my baby is two years old! Oh, how time flies. Pretty soon I won't be able to put him these adorable smocked outfits. I know Ashley can't wait for that day to come! We have been busy this summer. The boys have been going swimming at The Club, Sam has had basketball camp, and a reading seminar, and Gus has school Tues. and Thurs. The library has also been keeping us busy with their cute program they have for the boys once a week. Sam checked out some first grade books and has been reading wonderfully. We can't wait for our two beach trips in July, and for Granny and Grandpa and Susan to visit. I am so thankful to have healthy, wonderful boys, and a wonderful husband. Happy Father's Day, Ashley! We spent father's day weekend with Mimi and Papa which included golf, swimming, lots of good food and family time. Happy
Father's Day to you, Dad! We miss you and hope you come and visit us soon.